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Linux Command-line : Some useful Redirection techniques

Redirecting Standard Output
[me@linuxbox ~]$ ls -l /usr/bin > ls-output.txt

Append redirected output to a file instead of overwriting the file from the beginning
[me@linuxbox ~]$ ls -l /usr/bin >> ls-output.txt

Redirecting Standard Error
[me@linuxbox ~]$ ls -l /bin/usr 2> ls-error.txt

Redirecting Standard Output And Standard Error To One File
[me@linuxbox ~]$ ls -l /bin/usr > ls-output.txt 2>&1
[me@linuxbox ~]$ ls -l /bin/usr &> ls-output.txt

Disposing Of Unwanted Output
[me@linuxbox ~]$ ls -l /bin/usr 2> /dev/null


Just switched to Ubuntu from Windows…

June 15, 2011 3 comments

“This was actually my first post… I wrote it the second day after shifting to Ubuntu… The simplicity and total control was amazing.. i was in total awe of the OS… but somehow this post got lost in all the drafts that I have… Just found it yesterday… So here it is ‘My first blog post‘ “

So this would be my first post on this amazing blog of mine.. and what better occasion than my switching over to Ubuntu as my primary desktop OS

For those of you who don’t know what Ubuntu is, its an operating system derived from Debian which in turn is an operating system based on GNU/Linux.. so yeah I have switched to Linux !!

As for the reason for switching from Windows, I was bored with the same interface for the last 7 years (thats when i started using pc)… and of-course there was the issue of my sound driver getting corrupt too often.. while browsing through the Internet, i read somewhere that Linux would lend me safe haven from all these driver corruption and instability issues.. and when i finally did switch, I was not at all disappointed.

The installation was a breeze.. After finishing the installation, it took me just 10 seconds as the booting time !! yes you read it right, 10 seconds !! 10 seconds and the desktop appeared.. and there was no dangling hourglass.. the system was ready to use.. I said to myself, thats not possible and restarted my machine.. this time I was ready, as soon as the desktop appeared i clicked on the firefox icon and to my surprise it opened instantly!! I was impressed.. No more wait at the boot screen and then at the desktop for that hourglass to disappear..

I browsed through the menus just to have a peek at what comes in the 700MB Ubuntu Operating System… yeah just 700MB.. I was thoroughly satisfied with the content that they managed to squeeze in the 700MB install..

The desktop was elegant and clean(by default Ubuntu comes with GNOME, more on GNOME in a later post, for the moment just know that it is a desktop environment).. I liked the default theme too..

I highly recommend you to give it a try.. UBUNTU

Throughout this blog i shall keep posting about my various experiences with Ubuntu and Linux, whatever issues i face and what solutions i found for them.. about the nature of Linux and Ubuntu and why Ubuntu has now become and shall be my primary OS for a long time to come..

I invite you to this journey through the world of Ubuntu Linux and open-source with me… see ya at the next post..

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How to restore GRUB 2

March 4, 2011 4 comments

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How to install InterPSS on Ubuntu (Part-2, running InterPSS)

February 28, 2011 2 comments

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How to install InterPSS on Ubuntu (Part-1, installation)

February 17, 2011 2 comments

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Brasero issue on Ubuntu 10.10

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Brasero is the default CD/DVD burning software that comes bundled with Ubuntu 10.10.

When I first tried to make a copy of a DVD through Brasero, it kept displaying “copying data” forever… After a bit of searching and experimentation, I found that the problem was related to the command through which Brasero is started…

The default command that is executed when you click for the link to start Brasero (Applications -> Sound & Video -> Brasero Disc Burner) is :

brasero %U

When I started brasero using the command without %U, it worked like a charm for me..

So the 2 ways to run brasero are :

Option 1

  1. Open terminal
  2. type the command : brasero
  3. hit enter
  4. use it !

Option 2

This option is to modify the command that gets executed when clicking on the Brasero link under Applications menu.

In order to accomplish this

  1. Right-click on Application menu
  2. In the menu that thus appears, click on “Edit menus
  3. Click on “Sound & Video
  4. In the list that appears on the right, select “Brasero Disc Burner
  5. Then click on the “Properties” button
  6. Change the “command” from “brasero %U” to only “brasero
  7. Click “close

Hope this helps you..